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AC Drive (SJ T10 series)

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>> AC Drive (SJ T10 series)

  • Miniaturization of the product
  • High economic feasibility
  • Convenience of operating


SJ Co., Ltd. has developed the newest AC Drive. It can be used for single phase motor and also three phase motors. It makes full of the opportunities and optimize the time.

  1. It can be used as an induction motor with single phase and three phase motors.
    It is possible to use as an induction motor by setting up a parameter.

  2. It is possible to set up the ratio of out put voltage with each phase.
    It is possible to adjust the ratio of output voltage while operating.

  3. Installed Volume resistance.
    Installed variable resistance makes the frequency operate without installing volume resistance.

  4. A wide use AC Drive although the small capacity(High economic feasibility).

  5. It's possible to set frequency about 0~10V / 0~20mA.
    It is easy to adjust the frequency by handling VT/IT deep switch.

  6. Installed communicative function, RS232-485.
    It's possible to control maximum 31 AC Drives with one computer through multi-drop link system.

  7. Temperature Derating
    It can drive the machine more stably because It changes the frequency carrier automatically when increase the temperature of the AC Drive.